Your Hexa, an extension of you

My passion is the faith I chose to embrace
My path is what I aspire to be
My journey is the destination I intend to reach
My world is an extension of me

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If these words resonate with your thoughts, you won’t be surprised when a glance at Tata Hexa makes your heart skip a beat. This beast is an unwavering companion for all your expeditions and an honest expression of your soul. The rugged yet stylish Hexa embodies your thirst for adventure and penchant for embracing futuristic technology. As is rightly said, what you drive reveals who you are.

Now you can easily turn your Hexa into an even more aggressive extension of your persona. There is a wide range of accessories for your Hexa that you can adorn to complement your lifestyle.

If sleek is your style statement then extending it to your dream machine with a forever-impressive sunroof will be a decision that you won’t regret. You can also add the subtle gleam with chrome door handles or opt for the various chrome garnishes available for the headlamps, tail lamps, bonnet and the boot. Whether it is a meeting or a wedding celebration, these will ensure that you make a lasting impression on your peers.
The explorer in you would love the waterproof canopy and the portable cycle carrier on your off-road trips. While taming new terrains, the high lift jack would be a useful tool along with the LED HUD that’ll keeps you updated on the speed limits, the tyre pressures and the battery voltage. Just like you, your Hexa will also be prepared to dive into unplanned escapades at all times.

For the ones who love to bask in luxury, the premium art leather seat covers and eye-catching alloy wheels are a perfect match. One the other hand, the wireless mobile charger, customised flooring option, baby care seat and side steps are great add-ons with high utility value.

You may be a wanderer, a high profile urbanite, a fashionista, an ambitious executive. You may be all of these or none at all. Either way, with these accessories you’ll find yourself at home in your Hexa, for it is truly a world that is an extension of you.
Tata HEXA - Blog
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