Whatever it Takes

Treacherous curves hoping to catch you unaware
Herculean bumps threatening to toss you up and about
Slimy winding slopes eager to see you slip
And the destination nowhere to be found

Tata HEXA - Blog
When Sangeetha started planning her patriotic Clean India Trail, she knew that these were things she simply couldn’t afford to be bothered about. She meticulously planned this unique trail to serve her motherland as she explored the ‘New India’. And what better way to experience the ‘New India’ than drive across the country in the Tata Hexa, a ‘Made in India’ all-terrain vehicle. With the Tata Group completing 150 glorious years, it is an apt collaboration between entities passionate about serving their nation while advancing into the next era of globalization.

Sangeetha is driving the luxurious SUV Tata Hexa (or ‘Shexa’ as she likes to call it!) across India to spread the message of a cleaner, greener and safer India. In this one of a kind journey, Tata Hexa brings forth its promise of safety, reliability and comfort to make this drive not just successful but a stress-free one for her.
Aiming to conquer diverse terrains across 150 Indian cities, spanning over 24,000 kms, this is one of the most ambitious drives undertaken by the Tata Hexa. So far, Hexa’s super drive modes have helped Sangeetha conquer tough landscapes with ease such as the white desert of Rann of Kutch where the road was merely a mix of boulders and rubble. With torrential rains lashing at her, the 4-wheel drive, Hill hold & descent control and the robust body structure have provided great grip on the otherwise slippery roads. From the narrow bazaars to national highways, this ever-dependable SUV has been quick to adapt and amaze.

An explorer’s heart seeks adventure on the roads, paintings in the skies above and spirited tales from the souls they come across. Such treasures Sangeetha continues to collect in her travels with ease. With an efficient locking system to control the entry/exit from the vehicle, she often stops in the middle of nowhere to photograph the wildlife on the road without a care in the world.
Tata HEXA - Blog

At nightfall, as she finds her parking spot, she settles in a pensive mood with soft music and warm mood lighting creating a wonderful ambience around her and the myriad of experiences forming innumerable memories inside. Each day leaves her enriched and at the same time hungry for new adventures with her companion.

Day after day, as she continues to indulge her wanderlust with this ambitious ‘Hexpedition’, Hexa continues to promise her just one thing, “Whatever it takes, to ease your mind”.

Across rivers, valleys, mountains and plains
Beyond languages, folklores and tales,
Traverse with a spirit fully unbound
For every Hexpedition
you’ll have new paths waiting to be found.