Savour the rain

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The gleeful monsoons are all around us and the pluviophiles are reaching out for their favourite companions. Some want coffee, some want chai-pakoras, some a cosy book while others their favourite music track.

And then there are the Tata Hexa explorers who just want their car keys!
This excited bunch wants to experience the joy of monsoons hands-on. If you too are one such gypsy soul, then we hope you and your Tata Hexa are well prepared for the next monsoon adventure.

Away from the city crowds, nothing can beat the serenity of a long drive through mountainous greens, soaking in fresh air sweetened with petrichor.Be it the Western Ghats or the rain soaked Himalayas, the advanced rain sensing wipers of your Hexa will give you an unobstructed view of the luscious valleys.
On the other hand, the Hill Hold & Descent Control system will ensure that your clutch and brakes don’t have to work overtime to keep you from slipping on inclined surfaces. This innovative technology lends a firm grip to your vehicle on slopes and saves you from the task of constantly juggling the pedals.

As you relish the beautiful landscape, do not forget that rain-soaked roads result in reduced friction between the road surface and the tyres, thereby diminishing your vehicle’s grip. But when you are in your Hexa, there is nothing to worry about. The hi-tech ESP safety feature ensures that you get enhanced control via optimum utilisation of the traction available. The intelligent ABS feature with Electronic Brake-force Distribution system deploys to lend you greater stability and safeguards you against skids on wet tracks. With such advanced mechanisms in place, you don’t have to think twice before making a spontaneous pit stop for that roadside masala chai or the luring roasted corn.
Tata HEXA - Blog

And if you are thinking of turning this into an impromptu date, well, who’s stopping you? It is always a great idea to take that special someone along on such hexpeditions for rains and romance are quite the companions. Switch to a soulful melody on the infotainment system as silver droplets trickle down your window screens. The pouring skies are soul stirrers as well as harbingers of pure joy. The joys of jumping in puddles, floating paper boats and drawing tic-tac-toe across misty windows. The defogger and demister do threaten the latter, but we’re sure you can make time for one game before you turn them on.

Gear up to savour the cheery showers, the rainbows are waiting to peep out for you! The poet, the musician, the romanticist, the gallivanter, the child, the philosopher. Rains are sure to bring out the best in you. No need to leave anyone behind, your Tata Hexa has enough boot space to accommodate all facets of the spirit in you!