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Festivities in India come with a lot of excitement. Never-ending rituals, family gatherings, traditional foods, and merry-making, this time of the year celebrations are at peak. So are the traffic snarls on the roads and the long list of chores that often mar down our enthusiasm. But when you are in your Hexa, it’s a different story.

These occasions are an opportunity for new exciting hexpeditions with your family. Put on your adventure shoes and turn the routine festivities into something more thrilling. Get your kids all charged up with a trip to the local potter. A hands-on experience of their favourite idols being brought to life from clay is sure to leave them in awe.

An impromptu escapade from the routine to see the Diwali decorations across the city or to experience the firework display in the open skies on the outskirts is something that all will enjoy. The NaviMaps App will guide you to the best routes, while the Connect Next Infotainment system is sure to keep you all entertained. Incase you are thinking that this outdoor excursion might get tiring for your elders, think again. The luxurious, comfortable seats of Hexa will ensure that your parents don’t miss out on the fun either. Afterall, festivals are about celebrating togetherness.

And shopping. No festival in India is complete without shopping. Be it new clothes or gifts for Diwali, or simply things needed to perform the rituals. You will surely be headed to the market far more frequently than you otherwise would. Once you are out, clothes to home décor, electronics to toys, everyone wants to shop for everything! Rest assured, if you have the time & energy to shop, your car boot space isn’t going to let you down. Throw in all your day’s shopping there and there will still be ample space left for that new trekking gear you bought on an impulse. And while you are on the job, acquaint your kids with the sounds and sights of their rich culture along the streets that they have never explored before. New paths will enrich them with new experiences and interesting conversations.

From chores to chirpy jamborees, food binging to good-natured banter. Our colourful festivals come with the vibrancy of marigold in our otherwise mundane lives. In the true Hexa spirit, lap up these moments with zest and infuse your passion into these celebrations. Tomorrow when you are caught up in the humdrum of life, this is what you’ll reminisce about. Be it the way your kids light up seeing the sparkles in the sky, or the gleam of family bliss on your parents’ face, these moments are what we all work hard for.

The folk music that gets lost in the city sounds or the fresh aromas of roadside food, introduce your family to new experiences each day. This festive season, gift them a thirst for exploration, an appetite for passions, and a longing for a new Hexpedition.

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