Conquer the urban circuit in style

Tata HEXA - Blog
For most of us, the passion for cars began in childhood with miniature toy cars. When playing rugged, the heavy-duty military trucks were the obvious choice. When one needed to impress, the stylish sedans and convertibles were brought out, but under a vigilant eye. Back then one had to choose between style and power, unlike today.

Fortunately in today’s world, one can have the best of both worlds. The moment you step inside a Tata dealership, you know you have found a perfect match of aggression and oomph in the luxurious Tata Hexa. Ranging from rough terrains to in-city drives, Hexa promises a powerful experience packed in a dapper body. The sense of pride is evident in the behaviour of their salesmen as they list the exhaustive features of this Made-in-India machine. As you get ready for a test drive, in your heart you’ve already made the purchase.

The obstacles created with pillows in the fantasy world seem far too easy compared to the ones we find on the roads these days. However while driving your Hexa, you will feel otherwise. Apart from attracting eyeballs, the striking 19” inch alloy wheels glide smoothly over the potholes, the Reverse Parking Guiding System covets the tight parking spot like a champ, but the traffic, well Hexa didn’t come with wings, so that’s when you are stuck on the road!

Tackling the traffic snarls is a pure test of patience. But there can be a cheat sheet to that as well. A good melody while you drive can bring the much-needed peace of mind and help focus on the day ahead. Fretting about getting late for that meeting isn’t going to help, but maybe shifting that meeting to a conference call can. Sitting in a traffic jam you can easily schedule the next service for your Hexa or locate the nearest service station with your Service Connect App. Having a few ticks on your to-do list certainly calls for a dig in the cooled glove box for a refreshing drink! Sip up some energy while the warm winter sun gleams in on you through the stylish sunroof.

While the others are busy honking in vain trying to move ahead in a gridlock, you can be assured that you are moving ahead in the day without losing any precious time.

This is the modern-day urban circuit. Fast-paced, demanding and edgy. While you can’t travel back in time to a relaxed lifestyle of yesteryears, you can definitely simplify your hectic routine with next-gen technology at your disposal. So when you step out next on to the roads in your Hexa, just sit back and feel empowered. You know you’ve got the arsenal to rule the circuit, and that too in style.

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