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Hexa Clean India Trail

When Sangeetha started planning her patriotic Clean India Trail, she knew that these were things she simply couldn’t afford to be bothered...

Gift an experience

Festivities in India come with a lot of excitement. Never-ending rituals, family gatherings, traditional foods, and merry-making, this time of the year celebrations are at peak...

Conquer the urban circuit in style

For most of us, the passion for cars began in childhood with miniature toy cars. When playing rugged, the heavy-duty military trucks were the obvious choice. When one needed to impress, the stylish sedans and convertibles were brought out, but under a vigilant eye....

Your Hexa, an extension of you

My passion is the faith I chose to embrace
My path is what I aspire to be
My journey is the destination I intend to reach
My world is an extension of me